Fashion! Put It All on Me ➝  Gemy Maalouf Bridal Wear s/s 2014


I want a marriage like this.


"The Black Widow always wins and will continue to." - Scarlett Johansson

Kissing in the Rain: Lighting Changes


It happens during a lighting change, between the fourth and fifth shots of the scene.

They’ve been sitting in silence against the set dressing for the past ten minutes, and she can’t get him to make eye contact with her. It’s cold – they’ve been colder, but she’s still shivering under her towel, and he’s still resolutely staring off in another direction. Like making a little small talk would kill him.

“Five minutes till we go again,” she hears the AD call out.

Lily drops her head onto his shoulder.

She can feel him stiffen instantly – like she’s a complete stranger who’s suddenly decided to take a nap on him, like they haven’t been aggressively making out for the past two hours, like they haven’t had six different lifetimes’ worth of falling in love with each other.

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Populaire, dir. Régis Roinsard (2012)


Populaire (2012)